Report & Accounts

The annual income generated by the Foundation is distributed in a manner greatly influenced by the founder's Christian upbringing and his personal experience as a prisoner of war under the Japanese during World War II.
As a geral rule income is allocated as follows;
  • Approximately 25% of the annual income is donated to local churches for the furtherance of the Christian faith.
  • Approximately 25% of the annual income is given to relief agencies for the relief of poverty by providing help for the poor countries of the world.
  • Approximately 50% of the annual income is used for local charities and the local branches of national charities who help children and families, those who are disabled, infirm, aged, or in need.  Local charities are normally those in the Swansea and South Wales area.
Over the past twenty-three years the Foundation has benefited considerably from the generous financial support provided by the late Founder and his family.  These capital injections have ensured that the Foundation operates from a sound financial footing.

2007 April - 2008 April

Summary: 75 awards totalling £41,933
Type   Count Amount (£) 
Local 31 16,450 50.46 
Church 13 4,650 14.26 
Overseas 3111,500 35.28 

2008 April - 2009 April

Capital Funds


The volatility in the stock market during the year to 5 April 2008 resulted in an 18% reduction in the value of the share portfolio when compared to 5 April 2007.  This volatility has continued throughout the year to 5 April 2009 resulting in a further drop of 27% in the value of the quoted shares in the portfolio to £166,879.  This loss has been offset somewhat by a gift from the chairman.

Grants Summary




Income Funds


The matter of the outstanding rent on 60 Walter Road as at 5 April 2008 has been resolved and payments are now up to date.  


Income for the year totalled £47,875 an increase of £4,822 on the previous year.  Whilst dividend income decreased by £1,889 this was more than offset by an increase in donations of £5,817.  Donations received totalled £15,150 of which £7,000 was to be used specifically for the Foundations Flagship Project in India and therefore was not available for general distribution. The net income available for distribution to good causes was £40,875 (annual income £47,875 less £7,000)


Total distribution to good causes for the year was £43,938.  This sum was made up of  £36,938 generated by the Foundation’s assets plus the above-mentioned special donation of £7,000.


Income account balance at 5 April 2009 was £19,547 (cash at bank £20,447, plus claim submitted to HMRC of £1,200 plus accrued dividend payments of £1,107 due from broker less rent paid in advance £3,207)

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