1)  Local Churches For;- Contact   Trustee Amount Notes Ack'mt 5
 St. Teilo's Caereithen outreach development programme. Check with RW   RW £ 1,000 Recurring donation   
 Christchurch School - Swansea the only C in W aided school in the arch-deaconry Check with RW  RW £ 600 Recurring donation   
 Emmanuel House support for Youth Worker per letter   RW £ -  Reply per notes on letter. 
 Pantygwydr Baptist Church towards cost of recently modernised facilities. per letter   RW £ 250         
10  College of St. Barnabas Care for retired Anglican clergy per letter   RW £ -  OOA reply    
11  St.Michael's Church, Manselton Works in the church to create a new community centre. per letter   RW £ 1,000 Allocated now, but do not pay till go-ahead given.   

12  Revd. Peter Williams Funding towards sabatical work in Thailand. per letter   RW £ 250 Ask for report to be sent to the trustees after the trip.   13                  14            £ 3,100     15                 16                  17                  18                  

19  2) Local Charities/Causes For;- Contact Dear;- Trustee Amount Notes Ack'mt 20                
21  The Family Centre, Bonymaen contribution towards salaries Barbara Williams   SM £ 2,000Letter should ask her for an update prior to next meeting.     
22  Swansea Centre for Deaf People continued work of your organisation. Tim Douglas-Jones   SM £ 400 Recurring donation     
23  Chernobyl Children's holidays visit of children to Swansea each year. Check with RW   SM £ 500Recurring donation     
24  Asthma Relief at work in Swansea provision of nebulisers per letter   SM £ 500     

25  Blaen Wern Farm Trust residential centre per letter   SM £ 600     

26  British Dyslexics dyslexia information packs in Swansea per letter   SM £ -      27  Crossroads Care Mid/West Wales respite time for carers. per letter   SM £ 400 Sandra to ring them to enquire if they have Swansea branch to which this grant would then be made.   28  Deaf-Blind UK Welsh outreach project per letter   SM £ -      29  Extra Life Foundation medical reserch per letter   SM £ - OOA reply   30  Impact Schools Team bus repair work per letter   SM £ -  OOA reply   31 Independent Age support and assistance of elderly. per letter   SM £ -  Ask them for specific information of their activities in the Swansea area.   32  Listening Books postel/audio library service.per letter   SM £ -  Ask for specific Swansea information and consider next meeting.   33  Mumbles Tourist Information Centre towards running costs per letter   SM £ -  priority disadvantaged in Swansea area.   34  Perthes Association helping families with hip bone conditions. per letter   SM £ -  OOA reply   35  SHARP help for families of prisoners per letter   SM £ -  Reply to say we support the one below.   36  Friends and Families of Swansea Prison help for families of prisoners in Swansea per letter   SM £ 500 Sandra will inform CDL of details.   37  Striking Attitudes theatre dance group per letter   SM £ -  priority disadvantaged in Swansea area.   38  Strongbones Charitable Trust help for families of sufferers. per letter   SM £ 400     39  Cyrenians Cymru, Swansea work in the commumity with homeless. per letter   SM £ 600 Cynthia - I appear not to have a letter. Please get details from SM   40                  41            £ 5,900     42                  43                  44                  45                 

  46  3) Overseas Charities For;- Contact Dear;- Trustee Amount Notes Ack'mt
48  Y-Care International HIV/Aids programme, India. Mickella Lewis Mickella CB £ 3,333 Recurring donation. See note below re my cheque.     
49  Amnesty International defending human rights in Zimbabwe per letter   CB £ 350         
50  Computer Aid International nurse training school in Zambia per letter   CB £ 350         
51  Sightsavers International work in Murshidabad, India per letter   CB £ 350         
52  CAFOD Kenya draught per letter   CB £ 350         
53  Redr UK Training aid workers in N.W. Pakistan per letter   CB £ 350     

54  David Howells Rebuilding work at the school in Ghana. per letter   CB £ 350     55  MaMa £1,500  towards Francesca's travel costs and £1,500 for the chickens programme. per letter   CB £ 3,000Letter thanking them for wonderful evening at H of C and enclosing donation to be split as shown.   56                  57            £ 8,433     58                  59                  60      Grand Total for Distribuion No. 60     £ 17,433