Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does ABF support charities based in other parts of Wales/outside Swansea?
A. Only in exceptional circumstances.  The ABF Trust Deed specifies that funding should support the activities of local (Swansea and District) charities and churches.  The Trustees endeavour to remain faithful to the original aims and purposes of the Austin Bailey Foundation.  25% of funding is allocated to charities in the developing world.

Q. Will you support core funding?
A. The answer to this is normally No.  However, during the Covid-19 pandemic we are seeing that many charities both in the Swansea area and overseas, are unable to do their normal fundraising activities and, as a result, are in financial difficulties.  As a short term measure therefore, we will accept applications for core funding if you can demonstrate an acute need.

Q. Will ABF support medical or other research?
A. No, unless circumstances are exceptional.  ABF does not allocate funding to individuals and funding grants would be too small to make an impact for large research projects. 

Q. Does ABF support individual study, tuition fees or sabbaticals?
A. No.  We only support applications from registered charities or churches and not from individuals.

Q. Does ABF support national charities which work outside Swansea and/or Wales?
A. ABF can fund the specific activity, work and projects by national charities only when they take place and are delivered in Swansea and District.  

Q. Does ABF support building or refurbishment projects?

A. ABF primarily supports the activity and work of local charities and churches rather than buildings or fabric.

Q. What is the average grant given?
A. Grants for local charities and churches generally average between £800 and £2,000.  Be aware, we are a small charity with limited funds.  Your application may well be scaled down.  For overseas there is a standard grant of £1,000.

Q. Will reports on the grant spending need to be submitted?  Where can I obtain the form for reporting?

A. An evaluation form can be found on the website. Your organisation should complete and return it by e-mail about nine months after the grant has been received.

Q. How do we apply for recurring grant?
A. Initially, applicants must reapply each time.  After several successful applications, the Trustees may consider a recurring grant.

Q. Will non-UK based charities be considered for Overseas grant?
A. Normally no, but exceptional circumstances, where there has been a particularly close contact with Foundation we may consider this.

Q. Our organisation runs several local projects. Can we submit a grant application for each one?

A. Only one application per organisation will be considered at a meeting.

Q. Can we apply for a grant each time the Trustees meet?

A. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, an organisation can only submit another grant application 12 months after an award has been made.

Please Note

All applications received will be considered by the Trustees.   However, those whose activity is outside the remit of the Trust Deed including geographical area are unlikely to be successful.

The decision of the Trustees is final.  They will always endeavour to remain faithful to the letter and spirit of the Trust Deed and the aims of the original founders of the Austin Bailey Foundation when making decisions on applications.