Flagship Projects

In each of the three categories - Local Charities, Local Churches and Overseas, The Foundation has adopted one cause as its Flagship Project. This is typically a project that we have supported consistently over the years and where we have come to know and have developed a particular respect for the people involved and the work they are doing.


Sep 2018 - 4 New Overseas Flagship Awards for the 2018-2021 period

Five Talents - Micro-finance and small business training in Northern Uganda

Pump Aid - Ending water poverty, food insecurity and aid dependency through enterprise in Malawi

Send a Cow - Gender and nutrition centred agriculture in Burundi

Tiyeni - Deep bed farming in Malawi

Local Charity Flagship project - The Family Centre, Bonymaen, Swansea

The Foundation had over the years provided regular assistance to The Family Centre, Bonymaen.  The trustees considered that this was the ideal opportunity to place this assistance on a more formal footing and to make the Family Centre the Foundation’s local charity Flagship Project.  Before finalising the decision the trustees visited the Centre to experience at first hand the work undertaken and to speak with the centre manager. 


The trustees were impressed with the dedication of the staff employed at the Centre and with the initiatives taken to help both children and adults within the local community.  At the December 2007 meeting, The Family Centre, Bonymaen was formally adopted as the local charity Flagship Project.


This support has continued and up to May 2011 grants totaling £22,500 have been provided to meet the costs associated with their holiday play schemes and after school club.  The trustees receive regular reports to determine the progress being made and to identify other activities where the Foundation can be of assistance.

Local Charity Flagship project - Cyrenians Cymru (written by Cyrenians, Oct 2012)

In 2011 the Cyrenians Cymru charity was delighted to be told that one of its projects had been selected to become an Austin Bailey Foundation flagship project.

Cyrenians Employment Support Agency, known as CESA, has been running since 2010 and was set up to assist Cyrenians’ clients to find work, acknowledging that our service users were among those furthest from entering the local labour market. Our specialised support to overcome specific barriers to employment has helped over 900 people to find work since it began.

Our staff at CESA provide sympathetic but practical advice, training to undertake sustained job searches, a C.V. service and both group training and one to one support sessions.

The Cyrenians charity recognized that some barriers to employment were due quite simply to a lack of money, for example money to purchase steel toe cap work boots before being allowed on a building site. Thanks to the Austin Bailey Foundation flagship project grant our staff can now help to provide such essential items.

Austin Bailey Foundation had already supported CESA with the purchase of lap top computers and CD-Roms of Interview Techniques and other such publications to assist in clients’ job searches. The CESA staff say that it’s wonderful to see how people grow in confidence as they become more self sufficient when seeking work. Long term unemployment can be very damaging to self esteem which in turn affects a person’s confidence when applying for jobs.

The award of flagship project status has given us much more scope to assist people. Since receiving the award we have been able to help with many diverse needs such as a £50 job grant so people have a little money while working time in hand before any wages are due; the cost of a Health & Safety certificate to become a building site labourer; the uniform and Criminal Records Bureau check required to become a care assistant; one case where a gentleman decided to become self employed and used a job grant to design and print marketing flyers and business cards. All these stories of success are a direct result of the help we are able to provide from the flagship project grant.

We have a book full of comments and compliments from grateful clients who have received sterling support and, when CESA staff judge it appropriate, some financial help to start things going in the right direction – upwards of course.

Local Church Flagship project - St. Teilo's Caereithen Parent and Toddler Community Project

2012 has proven to be a very busy year for the Parent & Toddler Community Project at St Teilo’s.  Throughout the course of the year there have been 35 Family Lunches with 1186 two course meals served.  Our weekly Family Lunch sessions, in school term time, is becoming increasingly busy due to the rise in the cost of living and the present economic situation.  Already, looking forward in 2013-14, we are expecting a large increase in the volume of people through the door. 

During Family Lunch sessions, families are not only given a warm healthy two course meal, planned following Welsh Government guidelines for healthy living, but all meals are served on ‘eat well’ portion plates along with detailed recipe cards and price breakdowns.
Staff are on hand to support the families in any way they need, and professionals are invited to drop into the sessions to deliver any new or updated information to the families.

As well as Family Lunch sessions, there have been 45 Parent & Toddler sessions with 214 adults and 267 children attending throughout the year.  A decision was made early in 2012 to run the sessions during the school holidays as well; this has proven to be the right decision as many of the families attending term time have continued throughout the holidays and have commented that they have benefited from the extra sessions.

This partnership between St Teilo’s and the Penplas Family centre is proving to be very successful and has enabled much good work to be carried out in our community with young families.  Most importantly, it is building up a trusting relationship which ensures that individual families know that they there is help at hand and that they do not have to face difficult situations on their own.

Families in the church at the Community Christmas Lantern Parade 2012

2016 - 2018 Three Overseas Flagship Projects

September 2015 following applications received from 16 different organisations, we have now selected three projects to be our Overseas Flagship Projects for the period December 2015 to December 2017.
Each organisation will receive a grant of £25,000 over the three year period.  The successful candidates are;-

Build It International - Training of construction skills and construction of a new school in a location in South Zambia

We were impressed by the synergies of this project.  Build It trains men and women in construction techniques leading to a state-recognised building qualification.  These people build a community school which is of a standard to get a full time teacher paid for by the Zambian Ministry of Education (the present school is little more than a shack, has no facilities and has no government support).  With solar lighting the building will be used for adult education in the evenings.  The project thus supports employment, primary education and adult education.

Y-Care - Enterprise and Employment for young women in Palestine in association with Palestine YWCA

This will be our third Overseas Flagship Project with Y-Care International (see Former Flagship Projects section for our joint work in India and Sri Lanka).  We have gained a high respect for the quality of Y-Care's project management that utilises the network of YMCAs and YWCAs in each country they operate in. 
The project will target 450 socially excluded women in Ramallah and Jericho in Palestine where over 50% of women are unemployed.  The aim is to give life-skills vocational training to candidates who have had secondary education and business skills training, mainly in the agricultural sector, for women without secondary education so they can start their own small businesses.

Send a Cow - To overcome food insecurity through training in agricultural and small business techniques in the Oromia district of Ethiopia

The project is to bring four community groups (100 families, 600 people) out of food insecurity through agricultural training, improving attitudes to women, increased community cooperation and small business education.  This will remove the families from a subsistence existence to one utilising the cash economy allowing them to invest in their children's' education and employment.
An aspect of Send a Cow's work we have always admired is the 'Pass it On' approach where each beneficiary is asked to train five other in the techniques they have learned.