Report on Clive Bailey’s visit to Build It International in Lusaka, Zambia (December 2016)

Report on Clive Bailey’s visit to Lusaka, Zambia
to see the work of Build It International
12th to 13th December 2016

We have come away with a strong impression that Build It does an incredibly good job with the dual benefits of teaching employment skills and creating new school facilities for youngsters.

The science building in Linda will greatly enhance the capacity and prestige of the existing school.  Doreen is a wonderful, enthusiastic head.  She drives the school's progress through involving parents.

In Chitukuko we saw an even stronger example of how Build It will transform a very poor, largely subsistence community through teaching building skills and building the school and teacher's house.

It was an eye-opener to see the pathetic shack that serves as the community's present school.

How proud they will all be of the new facilities you are building.  And even prouder because 20 of the workers are trainees from their own community.

Finally, we saw your new vision at The Centre for Excellence.

Through this you aim to increase your annual throughput of building skill trainees from 80 a year to eventually around 1,000.  A bold vision but through focussing on building training - your main area of expertise that no other NGO does successfully, we are confident you will get there.  I can see how it could become a recognised campus for building skills.  I am sure there could be scope to sell your programmes to the Zambian Ministries of Education or Employment.  We have seen similar things happen in Palestine with the YMCA's vocational training programmes.

Congratulations Built It - what a wonderful job you are doing and thank you so much for spending the time to show us your fine work.  I can assure my fellow trustees at Austin Bailey Foundation that we have made a wise investment in Build It International.

Clive Bailey - Chairman