Swansea Charities

Since last year's festival 2012/13 we have used the grant to extend the activities of music in the community through for example, the purchase of music and programme printing. Together with All Saints Church Choir we have established a large community choir called Mumbles Voices and a Youth choir, the Ariosa Singers.
Together they have already raised significant money for local and national charities but especially £4,000 for Ty Olwen and £3,000 for Maggie's.  On December 22nd, the youth choir will sing in aid of Maggie's, the NSPCC and Rheumatoid Arthritis Research UK. We have recently been joined by the men and women on the Mumbles Lifeboat in a carol service/concert at which money was raised for the Mumbles RNLI.  We like to see our work as reflecting the parable of the talents where our ABF money enables us to grow significant financial help for others.  With one exception, we are all volunteers.
Additionally our ABF funding and local donations from friends allow us to give free entry to concert to 16 year olds and under.
All Saints Alive - Dec 2014

Without the tremendous support from companies, industries and Trusts like yours, we would be hard pressed in keeping our buses on the road.  The service costs the club a tremendous amount of money annually, the majority of which we have to raise ourselves.  We greatly appreciate everyone's help without which it would be almost impossible.  So please accept our sincerest thanks for your support.
Brecon and District disABLEd Club - Oct 2012
It gave the two children affected by cancer and their families, quality time together on a Compassionate Care Break.  A comment from a family who have been on one of these breaks is 'I want to thank the Christian Lewis Trust for this holiday, for it has given me my sanity back, and my family, for I felt I was losing them'.  Another comment from a family is 'Thanks a million for a well-needed, super break.  xxx is in the middle of is first intensive block of leukaemia and is doing really well.  We are convinced that you have helped to play a part in his positive sense of mind.  A big thank you to the Trust--what a fantastic idea this is'.  So you can appreciate how important these Breaks are to our children and families.  Your Foundation's generosity is certainly very much appreciated.
Christian Lewis Trust Kids Cancer Charity - Oct 2012
Any help we are able to offer our vulnerable members is invaluable.  This funding could provide the only means of communication they can fully access independently.
Deafblind UK - Oct 2012
The donation from the Austin Bailey Foundation contributed to the 3 emergency grants Independent Age made in Swansea over the past year.  As an example, one of these grants was given to a 63 year old woman with tuberculosis and severe arthritis who had recently had her heating oil stolen.  Having very limited funds she was unable to replace the oil herself and therefore faced the desperate situation of not being able to heat her home over the winter.  The grant made by Independent Age helped her to replenish her oil supplies and vitally, to keep warm over the winter.
Independent Age - Oct 2012
On Christmas Day at the Swansea Corps last year, your funding meant that we could provide dinners for 80 guests, who were a mix of older people who would otherwise be alone and homeless or vulnerable housed people who had nowhere to spend the day, this also included providing transport for them to get to the hall.  [Supermarket] vouchers were also given out to people recommended for them by their social workers and other support agencies.  Your funding also meant that we could continue to run an over 60's lunch and we regularly give out food parcels and have a weekly soup run for the homeless on a Sunday evening.
The Salvation Army - Oct 2012

. . .enabling the breaking down of perceived social barriers through the arts can help breach the East West Swansea divide.  Often seeing the sea of the Mumbles for the first time followed by a visit to All Saints beautiful church can be exciting.  To follow this with an hour's music/words is, we believe, giving many of our children a small start in artistic interest.
All Saints Alive Music Festival
- Oct 2012

We would like to thank The Austin Bailey Foundation for their kind support towards the running of our Dial a Ride Service which has 7 buses in operation.  We offer a door to door community transport service to the elderly and disabled which our members find invaluable, in particular those members who live in more rural villages with no access to public transport.  So on behalf of our members and staff/volunteers I express our gratitude for your kind donation.
Sarah Chappell, Admin Officer, Brecon & District disABLEd Club - May 2011

I am writing to thank the Trustees of the Austin Bailey Foundation for their fantastic donation made last year to help provide mobility equipment for disabled children in Swansea.  With your generous support, Whizz Kidz has helped to ensure that disabled children get to fulfil their potential and lead the active childhood that every child deserves.  Your generous gift has made so much difference to the lives of disabled children and young people.

Tara Arnold, Trust Fundraiser, Whizz-kidz - Feb 2011

The Austin Bailey Foundation’s support of Tenovus encourages us to provide necessary support and will provide hope for many who daily endeavour to live with cancer, particularly in the Swansea area.   

Gronw ab Islwyn, Legacy Officer, Tenovus - Jan 2011

On behalf of the British Heart Foundation, I would like to thank you for the wonderful donation towards the cost of the 3D Trans-Oesophaeal Echcardiography Scanning Machine which will be used at Morriston Hospital.

Gemma Harper, Trusts Executive, British Heart Foundation - Jan 2011

On behalf of the West Glamorgan Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse I am writing to thank you for your generous contribution towards the work of our organisation.  For over 30 years we have worked to achieve positive outcomes for our clients and your generosity will help to ensure that this continues.  At a time when funding for such a cause as ours is at best uncertain and demand for our services remains high, we are truly overwhelmed by your generosity.

David Evans, Acting Chief Executive, West Glamorgan Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse Ltd. - Jan 2011

ON behalf of everyone at National Deaf Children’s Society, I would like to sincerely thank the Austin Bailey Foundation for your donation.  Thanks to your generosity we will be able to provide a deaf child from a low-income family in Swansea with a laptop computer and education software to support their learning and prevent them falling behind at school.   

Lisa Harris, Trusts & Statutory Fundraising Officer, NDCS - Dec 2010

We were delighted to receive your generous donation in support of our work in Cymru and our Swansea Children Matter Service.  Your donation will contribute towards our ability to help children and young people in Penderry and Mynyddbach to recognise their abilities and follow their aspirations so that they grow into happy and healthy adults.  Thank you for allowing us to continue with our vital work.

Miranda Ryan, Senior Trust Account Manager, Barnardo’s - Dec 2010


On behalf of all our young musicians, I would like to thank all the Trustees of the Austin Bailey Foundation for the immense support you give to the Abertawe Festival for Young Musicians.  Your most generous cheque means so much to all involved in the organisation of this wonderful event.

Sonia Gittoes, Sponsorship Secretary, Abertawe Festival for Young Musicians - Oct 2010

Without the kind donations from foundations such as yours we would not be able to offer such a comprehensive service to the community that we work with.

Suzanne Baker, Acting Project leader, Bonymaen Family Centre - Oct 2010

We are most grateful for support such as yours, without which we could not provide vital and direct support for leukaemia patients at Singleton.

Roy Morgan, Treasurer, Lym0phoma & Leukaemia Fund (Wales) - Oct 2010

Thank you very much for the donation from the Austin Bailey Foundation.  Your donation will help support the work of St. John Cymru Wales in Mumbles and Clydach.  St. John Wales receives no core government funding so your donation will make a real difference and enable us to keep being the first to care.

Michaela James, Senior Funding Executive, St. John Cymru-Wales - Oct 2010

During a recent visit to the Family Centres in Swansea, it was encouraging to see how the work of Faith in Families is making a real differences to people's lives.  Each of the Centres is providing vital support for parents and children - helping to build strong and stable families which contribute to a more prosperous community.  This is very much in line with our new Child Poverty Strategy.  
Helping parents find sustainable employment, compatible with their parenting roles, providing affordable and flexible childcare and improving the educational attainment of children are key actions we well take to ensure families escape the poverty trap.
Huw Lewis, Deputy Minister for Children - Aug 2010

I would like to express our deepest thanks to you and your fellow trustees for making an award to our Young Carers Christmas Trip. Miss MD Viccars, Business and Finance Manager, Crossroads Care, Clydach

Swansea Churches

I would like to share with you how your generous gift has been spent for the benefit of the children of St. John’s Church, Gowerton.  Godly Play materials have been purchased for use with the Youth Group and Sunday School.  Four children along with two adults were confirmed by the Bishop and it was lovely to use the Godly Play materials to complement their learning.

Sue McLeish, Youth Leader, St. John’s Church, Gowerton

I would once again like to thank you for your most generous support of the outing for the children to Brecon and the trip on the canal.  
Each year the outing on the canal is truly enjoyed by the children.  The peace and quiet on the canal, the fresh air and the views of the Brecon Beacons is one of the highlights of their visit.
Chernobyl Children's Life Line - Apr 2010

Overseas Charities

Austin Bailey's support has allowed Cecily's Fund to pay for the school fees, shoes, uniforms and equipment of vulnerable children and orphans in Zambia.  Without this support these children would have been unable to attend school and missed out on a valuable education.  More than 1,500 primary school children were provided with uniforms, shoes, books and pens.  Over 1,000 secondary school children had their school fees paid and over 100 Anti-AIDS after school clubs were held, reaching over 2,250 children and teaching them how to avoid HIV/AIDS and stay healthy.

Cecily's Fund - Jun 2016

The donation from the Austin Bailey Foundation will be used to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables in Zimbabwe.  These fruit and vegetables will be distributed to residential homes in Harare to feed impoverished elderly people.  Without our help, these people would starve.  People who worked hard all their lives and saved.  People who have seen the value of their pensions totally wiped out through no fault of their own.  Homes In Zimbabwe believes that every eldery person in Zimbabwe deserves the right not to live in poverty without enough to eat.  The grant from the Austin Bailey Foundation will help us reach out to more of these people.
Camilla John, Fundraising Manager, Homes in Zimbabwe - Jun 2011

The Austin Bailey Foundation has supported Dhaka Ahsania Mission(DAM) on a 
number of occasions with their Urban Community Learning Centres for Street and Working Children(UCLCs) in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Their support of the UCLCs has enabled DAM to offer life-changing, flexible educational opportunities to street and working children living in city slums in Bangladesh.

Zina Fear, Fund-raising Co-ordinator, Dhaka Ahsania Mission - May 2011

Thanks to the support of the Austin Bailey Foundation, Sightsavers is one step closer to achieving it's goal of eliminating avoidable blindness throughout the whole of Bangladesh.  We are working to reach one million people through our eye screening camps and to restore the sight of 100,000 people by performing cataract operations.

Katie Cotton, Trust Relationships Manager, Sightsavers - May 2011

Village Water works in some of the poorest communities in rural Zambia, providing sustainable clean water, sanitation and hygiene education as a first life-saving step out of poverty.  The Austin Bailey Foundation’s donation supported us in carrying out this work.  
In each community this work has a substantial impact on the reduction of water-borne disease, nutrition, income generation, educational opportunities for children in the community, equality, and the empowerment of women.

Ellie Smith, Village Water - May 2011