The trustees of the Austin Bailey Foundation normally meet in June and December.  If you are interested in seeking support from the Foundation, please refer to Applying for a Grant section.

If you would like to discuss your request prior to submission, please contact the appropriate trustees in Contact Us section.  Please submit your grant application by mid April or mid October to be reviewed in time for the next meeting.  But Overseas applicants should apply before the end of February/end of August.

The trustees take a strong personal interest in the projects which the Austin Bailey Foundation supports.  Feedback from the projects and news of their achievements are welcomed and encouraged.

Trustees (as of August, 2020)

Overseas Charity
Clive Bailey - Chairman
Chairman and son of the founder.  Clive has been a trustee since 1984 and chairman since the founder's death in 1990.
He is a chartered accountant by profession but has worked in business for the last 40 years, initially in the family's carpet distribution business based in Swansea, Plymouth and Bristol and currently as managing director of Bailey Tantalus Ltd, a trading company based in Dubai.  He also has interest in commercial and residential property.  He lives oversea much of the time and is the trustee responsible for the Foundation's Overseas grants.  He has visited our Overseas Flagship project in India, Sri Lanka, Palestine and Zambia.

Adam Leach

Adam became a trustee in January 2019 to support overseas projects.  Adam has keen interests in practical action for refugees, displaced people and vulnerable communities in poorer and middle income countries as well as in the UK.  He has over thirty years of global experience in development and humanitarian aid programme implementation, strategic leadership and management of international NGOs including Oxfam, ActionAid, VSO, YMCA/Y Care International.  Adam is now an independent consultant with wide experience in cross-sector collaboration between the international not-for-profit sector, government and the private sector.  He has lived and worked in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe and now lives in Oxfordshire.

Local Charity
Sandra Morton - Vice Chairperson
Sandra has been a Trustee since 1997 and responsible (now with Penny) for the local charity applications to the Trust.
She was born in Nebraska but has lived in Swansea since 1970.  She, her husband and four children have attended All Saints Church, Oystermouth, St. Mary's in the City Centre and St. James, Uplands.  Though originally trained as a secondary school teacher, most of her career was spent as a teacher of literacy, language and numeracy to adults.  Latterly, she worked for the Basic Skills Agency and then the Welsh Assembly Government to oversee delivery of the Basic Skills Strategy for Wales.

Sian Popper
Sian is our newest trustee appointed in April 2016.  She works alongside Sandra and Penny for local charity applications to the Foundation.  She worked over 25 years in Early Years Education in areas of deprivation in Central London, mostly at Copleston Children's Centre.  She returned to Swansea in 2009 to care for her elderly father.  Although a Quaker, she attends St. James' church in Uplands, Swansea and is involved in a number of church activities.  She volunteers as a street pastor during the night time economy.

Eleanor Norton
Eleanor was appointed to the board of trustees in 2020.  She has worked in the voluntary sector in Swansea for over 20 years and was born and brought up in the area.  She is currently Director of Discovery, the Student Volunteering Services in Swansea University.  Eleanor has worked and volunteered in a wide range of organisations including supporting vulnerable families, youth homelessness, community regeneration.  She has also been an Equalities and Rights trainer and consultant to voluntary and public sector organisations across the UK.

Dr Ashraf Mikael
Originally from Egypt, Ash is a Physician and has practised in Swansea for the last 18 years. He is married with two boys. He is a co-trustee of a local Orthodox Christian charity providing spiritual, pastoral and social care to local refugees/ asylum seekers. He sits on a steering committee of another local charity providing social and psychological care to patients with chronic kidney disease in South Wales. He became a Trustee in 2020.